A listing of my published books

Woman To Woman

Hexagon Editions, UK

In this body of work I set out to define and separate the various strands that make up my sense of my own femininity. How does sexuality manifest itself in me and what is the difference between what I feel and the ubiquitous stereotypical mass cultural images that surround me? How conditioned are my responses? It consists of 22 colour triptychs.

Entering The Masquerade

National Musuem of Photography, Film & TV

This is a book and exhibition project that explores the importance, within the development of a woman, of the poignant time between 11 and 14 years of age. It centres on girls at home, school and their fantasies.

It is a documentary project, working with girls in 4 UK schools in Bath and Yorkshire.

Poodle Parlour

One Picture Books, Nazraeli Press, USA

It was an honour to be asked by Nazraeli Press to include my series entitled Poodle Parlour as one of their limited edition One Picture Books. A long-time wish to do a fashion shoot came true when Nancy Honey took over the reception room of a chi-chi poodle parlour on the outskirts of London.

100 Leading Ladies

Dewi Lewis Media, UK

The 100 British senior women, over 55, photographed and interviewed for this timely work helped transform the perception of what is possible for women to achieve in their lives.

One hundred women, one hundred portraits, one hundred unique stories that shine a guiding light on the paths they took to success in their fields and in life, so that younger women can also find their way.

Work Within Published Books

Born To Be Wild


The book ‘Born To Be Wild’ by Hattie Garlick, was written to emphasise the importance for children to play outside. The seasonal photography was commissioned by the publisher, Bloomsbury Press, from Nancy Honey. The comprehensive book contains hundreds of free nature activities throughout the year, season by season, for full family participation.